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Making progress but now I'm lost

I had a very successful appointment with my gynae today, during which she referred me for a diagnostic laparoscopy. After recapping my health over the last year, she did some scans and some checks and came to he conclusion that everything appeared very healthy and normal, but that we shouldn't rule out endometriosis. She also said that if they found nothing, that I wouldn't be re-referred and given the sensitivity of the area around my bowel, that I should probably speak to a gastroentoroligist.

I'm so happy that I appear to have found a lovely, competent doctor with a decent understanding of the disease. My now I feel myself stressing more about not having endo than I do about having it. What if they go in and find nothing? It still leaves me in pain (that is suspiciously linked with my cycle) and with no questions answered.

I'm so fed up. I can't belive I'm that desperate that I'd actually feel easier if they found endo....I'm so ashamed of myself. I just wish I knew what's going on with my body.

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Hi, don't be ashamed. It's perfectly normal to feel that way. Wanting to know what is wrong is normal. Once you get the answer you know what you are dealing with.

What symptoms do you get? You mention your bowel, does this tie in with cycle?

If you have your lap and are diagnosed with endo I would advise you find out exactly where it is. If you have stage 3-4 you need to be referred to a BSGE centre for treatment. This is nhs guidelines. A general gynaecologist is not qualified to operate on this level of disease.

If your bowel is involved even at a BSGE centre a bowel surgeon would need to be present as well a gynaecologist.

If they don't find any endo do be put off. General gynaecologists tend to miss endo and don't always recognise all presentations if the disease.

I wish you good luck .

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Please don't be ashamed, I felt the same before my first laparoscopy! We just need answers, having a diagnosis is half the battle with endo. I hope that you will get some answers soon, sending hugs x

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Dont be ashamed be pushy. Get your scans done to diagnose you . If u dont push it can get worse. Stay strong hun youve always got us rant too.

Your nt alone xxxx hugs


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