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Funeral all day

Well I've just got in from a friend's funeral 46 year old wonderful lady, she was my husband's best friends wife and my best friends sisters in law, and whilst it was very sad day, it was also very lovely, for one thing it makes you realise how lucky we are that I'm still here watching my children grow in to men, and that although I have daily struggles I will live to hopefully a good age, and secondly it's made me realise how much I miss socialising and how much I enjoy people's company and the chance to be normal,

Needless to say I'm feeling calm and thankful but unfortunately in loads of pain due to standing/sitting for hours,

Endometreosis may be a complete pain in the arse and not curable, but it could be worse I could be dieing of cancer,

Love and happiness to you all xxx

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I can relate to that.

I had a stroke at 32 and subsequent heart surgery due to a heart defect i didnt know about.

Im going to fight this with everything ive got,cause i didnt survive that to have endo take me out.

Im not copping that!!!!

Rose xx


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