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Aggggghhhhh frustrated

I am so frustrated, I've been waiting for a lap and bowel dissection since February and in the last few weeks have been chasing the hospital for a date as I'm about to breach the 18 week waiting time and no one can give me an answer, pals have been chasing the booking manager every few days and today's excuse was 'well it's because you need 3 surgeons' but surely I've needed 3 surgeons since I was first put on the waiting list!!! I've been patient for so long but I'm tired in pain and can't make any plans as I don't know when I'm eventually going to get a date. Sorry to rant on

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It's awful waiting isn't it, I'm in same position I see consultant 28th Feb and he said I would have a laparoscopy 3rf one first with bsge centre. Within 3 months, I've just been told it will not be till July August time, it's not fair making us wait that long in daily pain, I've already had a laparoscopy last march and a hysterectomy July, good luck xxx


I'm in the same situation. I had a lararoscopy in January and then saw the consultation in February who then referred my to a bsge specialist. I saw him on 10th May when he told me that I needed another lararoscopy but would need 3 surgeons to be there. I'm hoping it will be soon as I've been dealing with the pain since 2013 and have been trying for a baby since 2014


Thanks for your replies, I've been having problems since 2000 and had a hysterectomy in 2007 aged 29 and things have gradually worsened over the years.

I saw a new consultant on 18th February and he was adamant that I needed surgery sooner rather than later as I have a mass at the top of my vagina (non cancerous) that needs removing and there's bowel involvement (they know this because at my last surgery they had to stop because they didn't have a bowel surgeon and they said 'it was a mess') I had my pre op 3 weeks later so that'll now be out of date and have to be repeated. When I chased the date the lady seemed surprised when she said 'oh actually you need 3 surgeons that's going to take some sorting out' but surely they knew this from the start I saw what my consultant wrote on the op request form! We're due to go on our family holiday in August and it looks like I'll have to cancel and lose all the money as I won't be fit to travel. I'm just so fed up :-(


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