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Post diagnostic lap positive experience

Hi just to let people know I had a very positive experience on my diagnostic lap. Just had it yesterday. Had hardly any pain except when changing positions from lying down to standing up. I also had a stent put in and did not feel any thing either.

Has got the major operation scheduled for September which will involve urologist and colon surgeon. Hopefully it shall go as smoothly as this one!

So good luck with you all out here all the best!

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I am really impressed with how well you have done.

Very good outcome for you and hopefully the next one will be just as good.

A positive state of mind certainly aids your recovery.

Rose xx


Thank you Rose. Had Prostap3 injection also. Looking for an excuse to be moody! Bought a very nice hand fan could be handy at social functions as a fashion accessory 😊

Keep up with the positive thinking!

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Your amazing thats very funny lol

Rose xx


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