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Appointment with Specialist tonight - tips!

Hello everyone,

I have an appointment with the gynaecologist tonight. Now I last saw him on the 21st December (so 6 months ago) and I had a laparoscopy last June (a year ago). I went in December with symptoms of my stomach swelling randomly and being painful - mainly after exercise and sometimes after eating, pain during and really bad pain after sex and again MORE swelling of my stomach, feeling tired and just generally fed up. My periods are still painful so he put me on the pill to try and help. Now whilst it has regulated my period/gives me a chance to mentally prepare for when I am going to come on, it has not helped any other symptoms! In fact, they have got worse. Twice in the past week or so I have had HORRIBLE pains which I can only describe as making me feel sick, breathless and I literally could not move for an hour until my pain killers kicked in. It is now affecting me having time off work and I have had to stop going to my dance class and i am missing a show we are doing because I can't commit to going because I do not know when my tummy is going to flare up. I need advice on how to approach my Gyneacologist on getting a good outcome on this! He has suggested injections which come with side effects which I am not comfortable with and I cannot see how this will help with the pain I get (mainly on my cervix). I am also having an internal ultra sound scan - which I had last time and it was painful when looking at my cervix but nothing showed up on it (and nothing ever has) so he didnt really take me seriously! Any tips/advice would be much appreciated!


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Did you have Endo removed during your laparoscopy or was it just diagnoses.

I would suggest you get a refferal to a bsge specialist centre if you are in UK, as general gyne often miss endo in certain areas as they tend to look no further than the reproductive system, xx


Thanks for your reply. My first lap was in 2013 which was to diagnose and I had it lasered and also had a cyst drained, and then I had another one last year to have a further look around the cervix and I had more removed. I think it has come back again and they keep trying me on different hormones and nothing is helping x


Laser surgery is not the best solution for endo, you need to be seen at a bsge centre and have it excised, xx


Hi Tracy, a laser is a tool they use and it can be used to either burn or excise. So it would depend on how it was used.

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