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Feeling fed up

Been feeling so fed up lately sick of this disease and never getting anyway after operation after operation medication after medication and still feel the same feeling so down knowing I will have to put up with the pain this illness cause so much stress with my headache depression vitamin deficiency and more don't know we're to turn anymore just had enough

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Sunset, I can really relate to how yr feeling. Yesterday I wrote a post saying the same thing. I think we all have bad days and feel like giving up. All I know is today it seems just bearable and I know that I can only take one day at a time otherwise it feels so enormous. Do what yr doing reach out to people, talk about yr feelings because acknowledging them helps to deal with the physical & emotional pain. Is there one thing that could make it more bearable? For me its a hug or cuddle and a cry. My dog is great at being stroked and if I cry she even tries to lick my tears. Do you have family or friends that can be there for you. I also try and have a bath with lavender and some trashy book to distract me. I've also been having a massage once a month. I think having some pampering really helps. Is there anything I could do to help? Sending big hugs x


Thanks so much for your reply yes my dog his great she's always by my side when I'm feeling down and my family are brilliant it's just sometimes they don't understand thanks it's nice to talk to people who are going through the same thing sending hugs bk Hun x


Have you seen the Endo What film that was made recently as apparently it really helps family and friends understand more. I haven't seen it either. When The Guardian wrote some articles and interviews re Endo in March I think and I did a link on FB to everyone and I got some good replies from family & friends who bothered to read it all. See if you can google it. What you say ius really true that those who haven't experienced it can't relate but its seeing real people talking about it seems to help them to realise how bad the disease is.


Hi, I'm also having a down weekend, so I went to a friend s last night had a few glasses of wine, had a lovely evening, and today I feel worse, lol. Alcohol and endo just don't mix, my pains are awful and I'm hung over, but i feel alittle better emotionally after talking few things over with a good friend.

You say you have had laparoscopys was you seen in a bsge specialist centre???


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