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Are we at higher risk of miscarriage??

Hi all, I'm looking for some accurate information. Can anyone tell me if the risk of miscarriage is higher of you have endometriosis? I know ectopic is, but what about miscarriage? I've been trying to do some research on this, and some websites say it absolutely increase your risk (a lot), whereas others say that once it's arrived safely in the uterus there's no higher risk than that of someone without endo.... :/ I just want to know what's wrong and what's right. Thanks as always to anyone who can help :)

Steph xxx

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Hi Steph,

I can say from experience that yes some women like myself are at a higher risk of miscarriage than women without Endometriosis.

I have lost 4 embryos thanks to Endometriosis and High Natural Killer Cells. My HNK's are due to Endometriosis. I miscarried 3 embryos and the 4th one ended up being ectopic.

I was diagnosed with a high Natural Killer Cell Count of over 25% a normal count would be 5% or less.

When I was diagnosed after I got my biopsy taken privately I was told that women with Endometriosis are at a higher risk. The research into High Natural Killer Cells was recently done by Professor Siobhan Quenby in Coventry.

I got to meet her last year after I miscarried after IVF.

But I have heard of lots of women with Endometriosis that had babies without any problems :)



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