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Endo diagnosis

Hi all I have been diagnosed with endo,the gynaecologist came to see me after the op and showed me some pictures.He said that he couldn't remove endo by my urethra as he did not want to damage it and that my bowel was hitched.Has anyone got this or know what this may mean?I am going to arrange to see the Gynae but I just wondered if anyone knows what will happen regarding these issues?Thanks

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Hi there. Are you at a Specialist BSGE endo centre? My own consultant said the same thing to me but the specialist at the nearest BSGE endo centre can. My consultant agreed. She decided similarly at my last op because she felt it was too dangerous but knows that he can - because he does it all day every day and therefore he can do magic that a normal consultant can't. Half the time our hospital consultants aren't telling us this. They all specialise in something but hardly any of them specialise in endo. If they do they'll be on the BSGE list of specialist Endo centres. If you are then I'm so sorry that's horrible. For me the pain their is the worst and Im currently on gabapanthen (which has nasty side effects) to help while I wait of the op. But if you're not sure go to bsge.org.uk and along the top menu click on Endo Centres. If your hospital isn't on the list then you need to look to see which is your nearest and demand to be referred to them. I'm really hoping you get this sorted out.



You might be feeling you want to urinate frequently and sometimes it hurts?

The bowel might sometimes feel constipated or may feel worse during a period?

Those feelings all correspond with your diagnosis and you must do what the others say and find a specialist centre near you.

This must be dealt with as you need these organs for a long time coming and you want them in the best shape they can be.

Those specialist centres can fix that for you.

We dont have these in australia as yet,we just have gynys that specialise in that and other things like oncology gyny(cancer stuff)

Please get a referral and you will be feeling better in no time.

Kind regards



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