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Hysteroscopy before IVF?

Hi ladies,

I had my laprascopy 5 weeks ago 2cm endometrioma on right ovary and patch on left as well as behind uterus and on bladder. Consultant removed it all and classified me as stage 2 to 3, he also checked my tubes which were thankfully all clear. My fertilty gp wants us to try naturally for 3 months then go in for ivf in September. I wanted to ask your advice on whether it's worth getting a hysteroscopy done before we start ivf? It's the only diagnostic test I haven't have done. I spoke to my consultant about this during my post op consultation who dismissed it straight away saying there was no need as all my internal scans had been fine. I do spot brown gunk 4-5 days before each period but I'm hoping this has been resolved now after the surgery.

Any thought or ardice appreciated, I want to have as much knowledge as I can to prevent the ivf cycles failing.


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Some people do get pregnant naturally after a laparoscopy....fingers crossed!!

I think if you have in your head that you want to tick that box before starting IVF, then you should try for it.

I'd had a lap in Sep 2013 which then followed with 6 cycles of clomid and then the pre NHS IVF referral checks...bloods, Hycosy etc.

We started IVF in Dec 14, got a BFP, but had a missed miscarriage.

Second round, negative.

Frozen round, BFP, but had another miscarriage.

Following that we decided to have various checks for possible recurrent miscarriage reasons...mainly blood tests for different things (including NK cells blood tests, but not the uterine biopsy) and also a Hysteroscopy.

The only thing that I would have done additionally that we haven't tried is the uterine biopsy, but where do you stop??

Everything has come back normal....

What you don't want to do, is to go through IVF and always think what if...being mentally strong is a big part of being positive during your treatment.

Good luck X


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