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Waiting for a Laparascopy

I have had a terrible weekend, so went to see my gynae privately on account I would have otherwise had to wait until 11th of July. I have been put on Cerazette for 3 months, back in April and although I have been somewhat better, I am in no way fine. Having to take codeine if I want to have a good night sleep is not helping with the other symptoms either. Spent Sunday and Monday in tears on the toilet (sorry tmi) from the sharp abdominal pain, and then having this dull abdominal pain constantly. Its like being on my period everyday for months.

He has straight away booked me in for a laparoscopy in Colchester, which although its a BSGE centre, has a very bad reputation for different things. Has anyone had a lap there? Any ideas on the waiting times and any feedback? I am so worried this is going to interfere with my wedding in August :(

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