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Periods every 2 and half weeks?

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I just worked out I'll be on again at the end of the week!! I finished on the 21st May and was on for 12 days. My last gynae ( who I'm pleased to say I'm not seeing anymore), told me this was normal and all my current problems was nothing to do with my periods and that I may have IC!!! Ffs!!

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Hi how is it normal to be bleeding more than not. Glad you've changed gynaecologists . Hope you get more help than the last one.

Hi, I feel your pain. For the past year I've bleed for 10-14 days with only a 10-14 day break in between. I keep having doctors tell me this is normal for me too. I'm back to stage one to try and find a consultant who agrees with me. Crazy isn't it. If you find something that helps please share it!!

I can sympathise. I have started to bleed more and more regularly, now just 10days apart. It's awful because you just never know when it's going to come.

Best wishes

I had this two and that on all levels isn't normal I had to fight for 14 months to be taking seriously this sounds like endometriosis to were I'm standing and I would see your gp and push to be referred for a laprostopy keep your chin up and don't leave till you get referred all the best don't put up with it xx

I have endo and past few years my periods have been lasting nearly 17 days then I have about 8days rest, waiting for a hysterectomy now cos have severe painful periods

I was diagnosed with endo by lap last December. But apparently I was cured! But in constant agony all the time now. I know it wasn't all removed so on 22nd June, I'll be seeing the local BSGE centre.

I haven't found anything that helps this bleeding and I basically spend my life co-codamol'ed up and with a heat pad on.

I'm hoping the BSGE centre will help and get me on the road to recovery

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