Hi girls just started to take tranexamic acid today I hope it helps my period has anyone been on it before and how did they feel I've read about side effects so have myself in a pickle because I'm a anxious person anyway thinking I might get a clot of them or something I know it's rare but I panic how was people's periods after ? Let me know girls 💕💜

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  • Hi I was given this when I was first diagnosed with endo. I was given it by my gp not my specialist. It did help with the blood flow but did not take my symptoms away, but my endo is in my bladder. I have two daughters and I know a lot of girls are given this to help with with heavy periods, I have been told it helps them and that their periods were lighter. Every pill you take will have side effects, everyone is different though, try it and see how you go. Xx

  • I have a heavy feeling on left side of head and in ear so don't know if it's off

    That and I'm such a panicker so I'm thinking al sortes 🙈Xxx

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