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Belly button removal

Hi ladies,

I'm new on here and looking for some words of experience...

10 days ago (after 10 long years) I finally had my umbilical endo taken seriously and had my belly button removed. It was a day surgery case and was in and out pretty quickly. As a rare condition (apparently) no one really had any aftercare advice, and I now find myself with an infection (lots of red/orange/brown discharge and pus- sorry tmi!)

I'm on antibiotics now, but I went to a&e today as the glue over the wound came away and I could clearly see an opening in the wound. They initially said I'd need surgical attention, but that then changed to just cleaning and re-dressing the wound.

I'm worried now that I have an open wound, that is infected and it doesn't seem to be an issue to anyone but me.

Has anyone had experience of belly button removal, and the healing process? Or naval laparoscopy with bad healing? Will the opening eventually close, or is it dangerous to have an open wound??

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance x

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I had my lap 15 days ago. 4 days after surgery I was put on antibiotics for infection around the wound in my belly button. I finished the antibiotics and still have pus leaking from the wound the same as you have described. My GP thinks I have a cyst under my wound due to a hard lump under my belly button and if it gets worse I'll need it drained at A&E.

I was told that if I felt unwell with flu like symptoms, then I needed to attend A&E but apart from that just to keep an eye on it.

Do you feel unwell at all?


Thanks for the reply :) and sorry to hear you're having problems too.

I actually feel fine in myself, no temp, vomiting etc. So that must be a good thing?


Sorry that you're having difficulties after your! I ended up with a very severe infection after one of my laps in the end they opened my would and let it drain- generally irrelevant but I'm hoping to reassure you that actually it healed really well after a while, as long as it's clean and infections being treated hopefully yours will heal well too! Just don't worry about going back and getting it checked if you become more worried- better to be on the safe side! X


Thank you so much for sharing your experience- my main worry was/is it not healing, or not for a long time! I'm almost through my second course of antibiotics now and it's looking a lot better. Still not sealed and a bit weepy, but miles better than how it looked and felt before. Here's hoping the infection is on its way out :)


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