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Recent Laparoscopy-1st post, I'm new to this!

Hi, I'm 34 years old and had a laparoscopy on Thursday. They removed endometriosis from numerous areas, an endometrioma cyst and divided adhesions from my pelvis an bowel. My consultant said the endometriosis was very "stuck" and had most likely been there a long time. They also did a dye test to my tubes and my left one is patent and my right one isn't.

Has anyone had similar treatment and managed to conceive naturally?

Can anyone recommend anything to improve my chances of conceiving naturally?

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I can't give you any advice on improving your chances of conceiving naturally as I am currently trying to concieve myself. Im also 34 and had a lap done 6 weeks ago to remove endo from various places, I also had dye test and tubes were fine. My gyne recommended trying as soon as I felt up to it. I have just started taking seven seas trying for a baby tablets and I am also tracking my ovulation with test sticks and tracking my temperature. It's such an emotional rollercoaster all of this.

When is your follow up appointment? May be worth asking your consultant if they can recommend anything to you. Xx


Hi all,

I'm 33 and in 2013 I had a very similar diagnosis to you CatBrown, so I'd be keen to hear more about what happens next!

Good luck,

L x


I had very similar surgery, including having an endometrioma removed and some of my organs "unstuck" from adhesions. I've never gotten pregnant, but I've had relationships with women so that could explain a lot :) I was told I'd be unlikely to be able to conceive naturally due to the scarring in my tubes, but in your case if one of your tubes is clear, perhaps you could during the months you ovulate on that side? Sorry I don't have any specific tips or suggestions, I could just relate to having had similar surgery and experience with how endometriosis has affected my body. Good luck!


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