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Do I have endometriosis!

Hello ladies, if really like some advice. I'm 44 and all my adult like I suffered extremely heavy painful periods. Doctors always put me on contraceptive which had some effect, I'd still have s few awful days where being away from a bathroom for a few hours was difficult. Additionally I've always suffered with diarrhoea/constipation and heartburn. Diagnosed as ibs. In my late 20's I complained of burning and cramping in my right pelvis/hip area which happened around my cycle but also at other times. I'd always been irregular so! No gyny tests have been done and I've lived on hormones with some relief. I eventually decided to get a mirena which was difficult to fit as no children and I had terrible problems for about 6 months. Then nothing for 2.5 years. Recently though, had severe burning pain in pelvis/abdomen again as well as lumps/inflammation in this area which are extremely tender and difficult to walk some days. Some break though bleeding too. Drs are baffled, thought pid, then lymphadenitis but no infection, seen so many specialists, now waiting an mri scan and endoscopy as also suffering belching, heartburn and bloating, sweating. This new inflammation and burning has been present for 3 months and I'm am so fed up. I've also recently started a sexual relationship after a long break, more than 5 years. I had painful sex prior to this and it can still be painful sometimes. I wander if I've always had endometriosis and its recently been agravated. I'm so unhappy living with this pain and Drs giving me medication that has little effect, they want me to see a counsellor! Any advice would be helpful, I'm currently living in Asia which makes this more difficult. Thanks, I know this is a long post :)

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I'm sorry to hear everything you have been through. Some of your symptoms sounds like they could be related to endo but there is no way of knowing for sure until you have a laparoscopy. I am not sure how it works in Asia but I would suggest asking for a referral to a gynaecologist and then take it from there. I hope you get some relief soon xx

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