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Sooooo fed up !

Hi all ! I hope everyone is feeling ok, I'm really struggling after having a good 3 weeks ( the longest up period I've had for ages) I've now had 2 weeks of awfulness, I'm waiting for a lap date - have been waiting 2 months with another 2-4 to wait I'm just soooo fed up of feeling terrible, being in pain I know it will go away again but the roller coaster of knowing it will come back is just so hard to deal with and there's nothing I can do I have tried everything I can think of.... Sorry rant over 😭😩

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I know how you feel I'm awaiting a laparoscopy too still got 2-3 months wait, was supposed to me may but put back, gutted, and also fed up with being in pain. And full of pain killers, xxx


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