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Feeling a bit deflated :(

Had another scan this morning cos gynea wanted to get a better idea of the size of the cyst that I have . The lady told me that it's not as big as the consultant told me it was. He thought it was 5-6 cm . I'm worried now that it's not just the cyst giving me all this bother. I want to get this lap over and done with but I'm worried I'll be back to square one

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We best and only way to be sure about what is going on in your body is by a laparoscopy, so you are doing the right thing, if the cyst is removed and endometreosis isn't diagnosed then you can at least rule it out and find the cause of your pain if it carries on, and if endo us found you can start to plan your treatment plan, be sure to try and get refferal to a bsge centre if endo is diagnosed, xx

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