Endometriosis in the endometrium biopsy

I received a letter saying about biopsys done during a hysteroscopy on the 13th April this wasn't the date of my lap and wasn't aware I had a hysteroscopy during my lap or is that standard practice? Not sure if letter meant for me or not , it is to my name but anyway is saying biopsys of endometrium showing endometriosis as expected ?? I have been told I have adenomyosis sore swollen uterus pushing on bowel and bladder if this a biopsy to confirm this or is this saying it normal ??? any ideas I have endlessly googled it but still don't understand will see consultant tomorrow but impatient to understand before I go so I go with knowledge as hysterectomy has been bmeantioned a few times now because of adenomyosis 💗💗💗💗

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  • I would call your consultants secretary and just double check it is your report. Sounds a bit weird that it doesn't match with what you've been told what you had done, plus you say dates are different.

  • Thankyou , I have appointment today now as I rang and asked for copy or my notes so I understood what's going on they made an appointment for me today so hopefully will clear stuff up. Just was wondering about the wording too with the endometriosis in the endometrium was wondering if someone else had the same results and it was a result showing how bad my adenomyosis is ??? as wondering I I going to be offered hysterectomy again today wanted to be ready 😬😬 anyway will see thanks for you reply will take the letter so she can explain 😀

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