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Sudden dizziness / nausea and faint


I've just been diagnosed with Endometriosis even though I have suspected it for quite a a while now as I always have really painful periods. Does anyone else tend to have sudden moments of dizziness followed by nausea and get really faint. It's happened on and off but starting to become more frequent, last time being in the middle of the meeting! I suddenly felt like I was about to black out and how to focus on keeping myself from falling off my chair!! Has anyone else experienced this and if so is there anyway to manage it?? Do any of you also suffer from sudden extreme bloating? Sometimes I feel like I look 3 months pregnant! and it can become so uncomfortable :(. I'm still waiting for my doctors appointment to discuss my scan results and how to manage it. . .

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Yes, I get this too! Not so much with the nausea too, but feeling suddenly woozy/dizzy. It seems to be more so in situations at work or out and about and if I'm not feeling comfortable. I try to sit down if I'm not already or excuse myself and get away from it if possible (make excuse for toilet break for example!), and also take slow deep breaths and try to relax my body. I hadn't really thought of it being endo related before I saw your post but I suppose it could be, I'd be interested to hear other people's experiences too. I also have ibs and get bloating with that, but am able to manage that through diet, there are certain foods that make me very gassy/bloated so I avoid those, things like onions in particular but different people can have different triggers. Have a Google for the Fodmap diet, it's specifically for ibs but might help you find if you have any trigger foods you can then avoid.

I hope you get your appointment and some answers soon :)


Hi. I just had my first bgse appointment. I've had dayl dizzy spells and constant wooziness for 3 years, the registrar just confirmed it is cause by the endo like the rest of my long list of symptoms. I've been put on progesterone only then I have other meds to take. They've alsoreferred me to physio attached to the endo clinic. I've seen neurology and ent who wrote me off previously, they were clearly thinking it as mental. It's good to have it confirmed that it's endo as it's what I've been saying for 3 years.

Managing g it is still a big problem at one point it was so bad I was crawling around on my hands and knees for a few weeks. The only thing that helps is grounding myself, lying down and focusing on my breathing, not easy when you work which is why I lost my job. The endo physio should be able to help.

Get yourself seen at a bgse centre to get it confirmed. Take care x


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