Hi ladies posted here last week about my heavy periods, clotting after periods, pain after sex pelvic pain, lose of bowl movements and not falling pregnant after two year.... I'm finally getting somewhere she's give me tranexamic acid to see if it will stop my heavy periods and blood clots. And she's booked me in for blood test that's all I wanted to get the ball rolling was so nice for someone to finally listen I told her I had I proctected sex for 2 year and nothing's happend and her face wasn't great. She's testing my blood test for under or over active thyroid and other things if them come back normal (witch I'm certain they will) I have to go back hopefully these tranexamic will settle my periods has any one been on them and conceived after? so if nothing like that works I have to go back and more than likely I know she'll make a referral she was lovely and got the ball rolling and feel like a relief opinions and comments please from anyone 😚 Thankyou xxxx

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  • Hey!

    In happy to hear you have managed to get things rolling :) I was out on tranexamic acid and they worked a treat - never taken them on an empty tummy though!


  • Thanks Hun I'm so glad its relief I've finally got somewhere hopefully can get things sorted now how are doing ? Was nice that someone listened she knew what she was going to do straight away I didn't even have to go on ! Unlike some xxx

  • I bet it is! The hardest part is getting the ball rolling! I'm still waiting on a date for my laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, fingers crossed I get a date soon! It's great when you talk to someone who knows what they're doing :) xxx

  • Awww good luck Hun hope everything goes to plan!! And I know it makes all the difference when people listen and understand makes you feel better 😊Xxx

  • Hi I would insist that she refer you a gynaecologist especially as you haven't fallen pregnant. That along with other symptoms would suggest that something isn't right.

    Keep a diary of symptoms so if you do get to see a gynaecologist it will make it easier for them see what has been happening with you. Good luck.

  • Yeah I think she's going to do that she was great I think she's just putting me on those tablets and doing blood test first to see if it isn't anything she can see and then nothing comes up il be referred to gyni when I said I haven't fell pregnant her face was like as if to say that isn't right so I'm happy I've finally got somewhere I didn't even have to make her listen she was great and thankyou ! X

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