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Return to work after operative laporoscopy

Hello I had my lap on the 12th may where a fimbrial cyst and endo were found at the back of my womb both removed. I was signed off for two weeks I am on day 11 and although making slow progress am exhausted all the time, I still get pains if walk around too much and light headed etc. Can't sit up for too longer periods of time. Is this normal? I was also back in hospital on the 14th due to heavy bleeding and given antibiotics for a possible infection.

I had a lapo 6 years ago for a cyst and found 2 weeks was just about enough recovery...could've done with a few more days then but my worry is I'm taking so much longer to recover this time.

My question to you lovely ladies is how long were you signed off for after endometriosis removAl? I am really not well enough to go back yet but really worrying as only signed off by surgeon for 2 weeks :( dues back in 2 days !



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Hi. It sounds like you need longer off work to recover more.... They give a standard two weeks for most minor laparoscopy, however it sounds like you have had a bit of work done and that you need extra time. Everyone is different as well and heal at different rates.

I suggest going back to you GP to get signed off for another week at least. You don't want to go back to work too soon and undo the recovery you have had so far.

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Thank you both for your replies, I will go to the GP and hope they are understanding :)


I agree with Flowerpotts, it definitely sounds like you need longer off. I was signed off for 2 weeks after my lap but luckily I work from home, if I didn't then I would have definitely gone to my GP to ask for longer off as I wasn't 100% after two weeks. Try and get as much rest as you can and you will start to notice a difference as the days and weeks go on xx

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Thank you both for your replies I will go to the GP and hope they are Understanding :)


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