Am I too worried??

I'm 17 & I've been having my period for over 4 years now, they've always been very regular (coming every 26 to 30 days) & not very painful. Around February they started coming late, I didn't even have one for the month of April, & being a little heavier. In March I had back pain so bad I had to go to the ER because we thought I had a kidney infection. Now, I'm having stomach, lower back, and pelvic cramps all the time. I'm also nauseous a lot and I've been having thicker & stickier discharge. My grandma had endometriosis so bad she had to get a total historectomy, could I have it? Should I go to the doctor??

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  • Hi Alexis - if you're suffering this much then my answer would be yes, don't hesitate to go to your GP and ask to be referred for further investigative work. However, as many of us here will probably testify to, not all GPs are sympathetic when it comes to 'women's problems' so you should be prepared to stand your ground and insist on a referral if your GP tries to go down the route of 'giving it time to see how things go' or firmly insists that what you're experiencing is normal - IT'S REALLY NOT!! If you'd find it easier, you should be able to take someone in with you for moral support when you see your GP (e.g. mum, aunt, close friend) so I would definitely recommend doing this if you're worried your GP might try to fob you off. I did this when I first went and I was 34 at the time, so it's nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about! Also it might be worth while writing down a list of your symptoms and also have to hand a record of your periods (dates, how heavy/light they are, any pain your experience during your period etc) as these are likely to be some of the questions your GP might ask you.

    As your grandmother had endometriosis your risks of having it are increased, although from a genetics point of view it tends to be relatives +1 (e.g. mother/daughter, not grandmother/granddaughter). Unfortunately the best way of diagnosing the disease is still via laparoscopy, but please don't worry - if you do have to have the procedure it's nothing at all to be scared of and there are plenty of us here who have been through it multiple times so will be able to fully empathise with you! Good luck and don't forget to come back and update us on how you're getting on...

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