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Peritoneal neo-vascularisation... Does anybody know what this means?

Hi ladies,

I am just over two weeks post laparoscopy at John Radcliffe hospital Oxford. I was told after surgery that they couldn't find any endometriosis but they would like me to try 3-6 months of Zoladex to see if this helps with my symptoms. Today I received a letter from my consultant to my GP asking him to prescribe the Zoladex which said while there was no active endometriosis they did find that I have 'a significant degree of peritoneal neo vascularisation'.

I can't seem to find anything about this online - does anybody else have this or can anyone advise me what this actually is? I don't know why I wasn't told this in the hospital. My follow up with the consultant is not until September because they want to see me after a few months of the Zoladex which I will be starting at the end of the month.

I am also keen to know about honest experiences of Zoladex and what I should expect. I will not be offered add back HRT until after 3 months.

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I have really strong (and probably uneducated) feelings against Zolodex being thrown about "to try it and see if your symptoms go away", whether there are lap-confirmed endo lesions or not. I would find out more about the peritoneal condition before agreeing to the Zolodex. Unfortunately I'm no help with first hand advice about either, but I do know that I refused 6 months of Zolodex and HRT (8 years post-diagnosis) because I just FELT it was the wrong path to take as my pain was not cyclical. Turns out after robotic lap in the US last year, I was right not to bother with it because it would have been just 6 months more waiting and lots of red herrings in my case. I had endo lesions, yes, but I had a ton of adhesions which would never have been helped by hormonal treatment. I imagine there might be multitudes of cases where this might also be the outcome with Zolodex. More waiting, more "let's see", less finding the actual source of the problem.

I hope you're ok. xx


Thank you so much for your response. I'm going to call the doctors secretary and try to find out what this is as I really dont understand. I completely agree with what you're saying about the Zoladex, it just seems like another 'wait and see' treatment option and I'm unsure on what the point in taking it is if I'm only ever to have it for a maximum of 6 months due to it causing bone density issues. It isn't exactly a cure, is it? I also feel very strongly like I don't want to do it as it doesn't feel right, but also like I have to try this option or my problems won't be taken seriously and I will be seen to be not 'agreeable' or willing to try to help my pain and then discharged!

I want a definite diagnosis and to be told "this is what you have wrong with you" rather than "you have all the symptoms of endometriosis but we can't find any and you just have to carry on living your life this way".

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Zoladex is great for early stage endo and for any condition exacerbated by oestrogen produced in your ovaries. Of course everyone is different and react differently, Zoladex has changed my life, it is temporary but for the first time in nearly a decade I can comfortably exercise and get fit for the inevitable surgery I will need again. This is a non-invasive way of trailing effective treatment for me as I hate going under the knife.

neovascularisation is areas of lots of extra blood vessels forming in the tissue and the peritoneum is the sack that holds all your abdominal organs. I don't know what this means medically but it seems they want to assess whether it is aggravated by your natural hormonal state.

Remember if you have questions call your consultants secretary and ask them to relay your questions to the consultant and get back to you, don't sit in the dark.

Best of luck xx


I'm going to call the secretary and find out more about this peritoneal vascularisation as it doesn't make sense that I haven't been told about this and am only finding out through this letter.

Thank you for your opinions on Zoladex and I'm glad you found it helped you. Have you had terrible side effects with it or have you been okay? xxx


That happened to me too, they told me nothing after my surgery or my follow up, I found out when my symptoms returned just 12 months after surgery and requested my last op report!!

The brain fog is quite bad and I had headaches for the first week but other than that I haven't had any side effects at all. I am on put back as well though which I think keeps the side effects at bay.



Hey I'm really sorry to hear you didn't get any answers from your Lap. If they 'couldn't see any endo' has anyone mentioned adenomyosis to you which apparently can't be seen on a lap but it can sometimes be diagnosed from mri at certain point of cycle ( I think this is right) it's where the endometrial glands appear within tissues in the muscle of uterus, I know a lot of ladies on here have it as well as endo. I Hope your not feeling too rubbish xx


Hey, thanks for this. Adenomyosis has never been brought up... I had an MRI after a specialist found nodules indicative of RV endo when she did an internal examination, but nothing showed on the MRI at all. They went ahead with the lap anyway as I am convinced there is something there and haven't had surgery by a specialist before only in general gynae. Had a colonoscopy the day before my lap and they said there is nothing wrong with my bowels despite constant bowel problems. Couldn't find anything wrong during the lap except the peritoneal neo vasculation which I'm just finding out now! Feel like I'm getting nowhere xx


Hey, yeah I remember you saying you had the nodules felt so was surprised they weren't seen at surgery. God it is just so stressful isn't it you feel like your going round and round in circles so frustrating and upsetting.. I had my first physio couple weeks ago and the lady just went on about my bowel and I was expecting to see someone about pelvic muscles think there was a mistake with referral apparently she's gonna examine me for trigger points when I go back.. xx


Yeah I feel exactly like that! I feel like I haven't got anywhere since being referred to the specialist hospital even though they are nicer to me and taking me more seriously. But I'm just getting more frustrated and upset because I don't have a diagnosis and have to try another treatment that I don't actually want to try, and I still don't even know what it is to treat!! It's a nightmare. If the Zoladex works and they said I probably do have endo, then what's next, as they can't find it anyway???

That's really annoying that your time was wasted. You were really hoping the physio would be helpful too weren't you. Hope you're managing to get around a bit better than you were before xx


It's awful it really is especially when yr expectations are higher when yr being seen by a specialist and you actually feel like yr getting somewhere.. Yeah well that's a very valid point about the zoladex.. Lindle on here should know more about it.. It's such a strong drug so don't be pressured by anyone. I've been having some better days just recently where I've walked 10 -15 min without so much crippling pain after its a small step but have to take every positive i can. Definitely keep in mind about the adenymous I'm no expert but it's got to be worth investigating..xxx


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