I have had dysmenorrhoea since I was 12. For a long time I thought that was normal.

With the help of my sister in law (a naturopathic doctor who specialises in periods) it seems I most likely have endometriosis. It is getting worse the last new months. The GP I went to was not interested in a cause, just gave me pills.

The fatigue, and lately depression, is so.ething I have never had before.

But, I am on all the right vitamins and dist to hopefully getyself well again!

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  • Hi - the usual course is to give hormonal meds for 3-6 months but if they are unsuccessful then the next stage is a lap to diagnose. Even if they are successful (which they can be in some women) this risks masking of symptoms that can lead to disease progression. Click on my name and look at my post on the treatment pathway and on any others that might be helpful. x

  • Thanks Lindle. I choose not to take meds, so that is very helpful to know that is what they would suggest. Thankfully my sister in law has helped thousands of women, so I have a great background there. But, she is a long way away and I had hoped if I could get a diagnosis others would realise this problem I have actually is something.

  • There is some evidence that natural methods such as diet can help with endo but it is an immune system disease and the only way this could 'cure' it is that if your immune system fault was reversed by rebalancing all the affected systems in the body. It has been reported that endo can spontaneously resolve in some women and this would presumably be how it is achieved. However, this is likely to depend on the particular woman's immune system and the extent/aggressiveness of the person's endo. It can never be guaranteed that natural methods alone will resolve endo and as it is stimulated by oestrogen hormonal meds do have an important part to play in lowering oestrogen levels. As your symptoms are worsening it seems that natural methods are not controlling it so you do need to be careful that you are not allowing it to progress without considering traditional treatment.

  • Thanks. Good points there. The info I refer to now looks at it as an autoimmune disorder, that does get worse with age. I have only just started the recommended diet and vitamins, which can take up to a year to have effect. I do know of many testimonials of women that this has worked for so hoping it does for me too. The last period I had was the worst yet, and by having cut out inflammation producing foods I have had less pain in this period. I hope each month improves, but definitely keeping an eye on how doctors here would treat and if I may need that at some point. Thanks for your help, it is just a big help knowing someone listened!

  • Yes, it is an autoimmune related disease. So freeing up the immune system is vital (having allergy testing to identify and avoid/treat any allergies to avoid overload) and cleansing the liver to ensure oestradiol is metabolised as efficiently as possible so avoiding all processed foods, chemicals and unnecessary medicines.

  • That should say diet! (Stupid phone)

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