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I have a docs appointment next weds to see my GP was speaking to a few girls on here today and just had enough being Palmed off!! I have bad periods heavy. Horrendous cramp. Back pain leg pain feeling tired bleeding inbetween periods, very horrible pain after sex. And inflamed pelvis all the says end to me!! I'm going to demand a referral to gyni when I got I was only in hospital other week and been to GP umpteen times this is my 4th time next week, I've wrote things down on my symptoms, witch way should I go about it when I go in advice from any of the girls ? Thankyou 💜💕 and anyone who has been diagnosed with it whats your syntoms like and how long did it take for you to find out ? And has anyone had it got it sorted then conceived ? Please let me know 💕

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  • So sorry to hear you are struggling so much. My advice is to go in and not back down on getting a referral. No matter how reluctant the doctor is, just tell him your symptoms point to endo and you want to see a specialist to get the care you need. I struggled with endometriosis for 16 years before getting my diagnosis and I wouldn't want to wish that on anyone. My symptoms are similar to yours, but I also have pain in my bladder and bowel. I did get it sorted (I had extensive endometriosis) and was able to have two kids after the lap. It's back now so I have gone to my GP for a referral which I had to fight for. Oh, and another tip: ask for a copy of the referral letter so you can make sure that the GP told the gynae all your symptoms correctly.

  • That's absoutly terrible I totally feel for you I really do I just want everything sorted and not get fobbed off my mams a nurse and she thinks I have endo. I'm only 22 but I'm living with my partner happily settled and would like to know in the future I could have children I mean by now I should of had loads of children not only brings me down with the pain and effect it puts on me witch is horrendous but also puts a struggle on my relationship because i constantly moan and in pain and I'm sometimes buckled over in pain like I'm in labour and I don't want that for my partner but I don't want that for myself, it's so lovely to come on here and relate to people because it's human nature not to understand if you don't suffer with things! Was it hard for you to try and conceive before getting the OP?

    Thanks for sharing your advice 💕

  • No, actually, I was lucky and got pregnant before I was even diagnosed. Then I miscarried and due to unexplained pain following the miscarriage I had a lap to find out why I had that pain. That was when they found all the endometriosis. So it was really just by chance that I was diagnosed.

  • awwww I see, it's totally terrible I wish GPs were wore Thera and don't just blame it on things and people wouldn't have to keep going back! I just feel iscolated at times when people don't understand.

  • Hi, I was diagnosed after having emergency surgery for a ruptured cyst age 32 after having been going to the doctors my whole life complaining of painful periods etc but endo was never mentioned. I had further surgery about a year later and happily conceived immediately. The surgery is only a temporary fix as it comes back. I tricycle the pill now (take 3 packs back-to-back) to reduce it reforming and also reduce the pain as no ovulation and less periods (I have to book time off work every 9 weeks!). Surgery can help but long term you need to find a way to manage the pain, I still have pain on a daily basis so am always armed with painkillers and hot water bottles/ heat packs and a strong mind! I go to bed early amd try to get lots of rest. You can ask the doctor for prescription painkillers for your period when the pain is worse - they can make you feel sick and tired and are addictive so not ideal for daily use. Hope this helps!

  • Aw so sorry to here about that not getting any help for years it's terrible that's great that you conceived 😚I just want to get sorted I'm sick of going around the houses not good for you as a person being miserable thanks so much !! 

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