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Hi I'm 22 and have been suffering for horrendous periods for years now and thought nothing of it because it was the norm for me. It's only the past year and a half 2 years I've thought to myself something is wrong didn't know what but I knew something wasn't right. Then I came across this what made so much sense to me all the symptoms of endometriosis is pointed at me, me and my partner Have been trying to conseive now for years and nothing's happend I get really excruciating pain after sex like he has knocked something inside of me, it feels like period pain but thousand times worse and I suffer with really bad cramp to begin with anyway. I also bleed inbetween periods really heavy Im bleeding more times than I'm not, im also very tired lathargic and I just know in myself something is wrong. I've been loads of times now to my GP and I seem to get no where and fobbed off its getting to the point now where I'm so irritable my Mam think its something to do with this as she's a nurse. I'm just so upset and frustrated because I want some Sorte of answer instead of just being told its "hormonal" I'm not medically trained but you know when something's wrong you know your own body. I really want to have a child. Me and my partner had bought a house together we are really happy and madly in love and it's just so frustrating when you feel like your getting know where! Need help support and anyone's advice would be great 💕 


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  • I 'm pretty sure once you've been to the GP 3 times with the same thing they have to refer you , so keep on going back those symptoms sound like endo . Even if it is " hormonal " that's an issue that is disturbing your normal life and you need options to resolve it,  don't doubt yourself go and insist on seeing a gyne look up a local one and research them and ask to see them maybe. Lots of lady's on here know a lot more about endo than me so can probably give you more advice. 💗

  • Thankyou so much !! Makes you feel like your going crazy or being over dramatic until a flare up happens again and it's so horrific you know your not going insane and I was in hosp other week aswell so if I go back to my GP again they can't turn me away I just hope they don't or blah blah and leave it at that because I will put my foot down! Il be taken my Mam with me she's very good with stuff like that for support she's like a Rottweiler she can get things done haha 😊Thankyou !! Xx

  • Just think what exactly you want before you get there too i.e. To be referred otherwise you end up having to try stuff from you GP endlessly and they brilliant but not experts in everything . So researching a gyne locally that looks ok before you go at a nearest bsge center may be best so you get the best possible care and don't have to see someone then be referred again . I would think also if you say a lot about the bleeding between periods to GP you may get a quicker referral too . Glad you've got a helpful mam though that makes Drs listen 💗💗💗💗 good luck xx

  • I will keep you updated when I go next week thanks so much 😚So nice to talk to people who understand xx

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