Advice wanted please! Sorry it's a long one!!

I was diagnosed with endo 15 years ago. I've had laps to treat it, the last one was done about 5 years ago. Over the last year I've been admitted to a&e several times with severe abdo pain that has always started low but then moved up resulting in biliary colic. I was told I had gallstones but none were found. I was told I had a stomach ulcer but nothing was found. I went to see my gynie consultant and asked if it could be related to my endo. I was put on zoladex injections for 3 months and during that time I still felt pain in the gallbladder area so they are saying it's not related. On Saturday morning I ended up back in a&e with sharp stabbing pain across my belly under my belly button. By the time I was eventually given a bed (3hrs later) the pain was also in the area of my gallbladder again. My pain score was 9/10. The surgical team refused to see as I've had every test available and everything is coming back normal. The gastro team said they would see me but they probably wouldn't be able to do anything. I was discharged Sunday morning still in pain (even now) and no hope of finding out what's wrong. The only ray of hope I can see at the moment is to try and get my gynie consultant to perform a lap and see what's going on inside. Is there anyone out there who has endo and biliary pain together and if so have you successfully had treatment? I'm feeling completely hopeless at the moment!!

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  • Hi, are you with a general gynaecologist or a BSGE specialist?

  • A bsge one.

  • That's good. I agree that you should request a  lap as it sounds like either it's grown back or some was missed. Did you have excision or ablation done in your last surgery?

  • I believe it was excision but it was about 5 years ago so not sure.

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