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Please help...medical menopause or symptoms

Hey guys hope u r all hanging in there. .missing really need help. I'm a mess a complete wrek. I am currently going thro medical menopause for over 6 months.  Tried hrt but didn't work with my body so just having injection...my pain has eased. But for last few days I have been drained.very pale high temperature. ..bloated tummy...m really low pelvic pain both left and right side. Lower back and my legs I can hardly walk on so weak. My kids got a trampoline a week or so ago. And I went on it only for short time cause they asked me just trying to be normal fun mum. And when I jumped I could feel something like rattle down below moving up and down I immediately stopped and have not been back on....is this related.  What is happening to me any advice please help I'm lying up on couch no energy.pain in pelvis like period pain. I'm slightly constipated also and my bladder I feel like it's full but can't empty then when I do its roasting so warm and sore down below. Sorry for all information just need help 

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Hi Hun have you had a lap at all x


I had one in 2013 which was clear but inflammation on my bladder. X


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