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Got my first gynae appointment!!!!!!


Hi all , got my first gynea app this tues . I'm glad but a bit nervous ! What should I expect and what should I be asking ? 

Hope you are all having a good pain free day 😊

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Not meaning to dig into your life or anything, but what's your appointment for? Is it a referral or a follow up or anything?

It's for suspected endo after GP referral:-)

I'm happy for you! I'll answer this on the presumption that you're trying to get a laparoscopy?

You should go with a list of your health/symptoms history, then they will tell you the medical/surgical options, they will maybe try to push the medicine on you, I'd advise against it and push for a laparoscopy. Tell them what your main concern is e.g pain, fertility, periods etc.

Once you have a definite diagnosis from a laparoscopy and you know what exactly is going on in there, you will be in a much better position to decide which route is best for you, medicine or surgical.

All the best to You! Xx

What medicine do you mean meganmea ?

MeganMae in reply to Don1980

Sorry I shouldn't have said medicine, medication, like the GnRH Injections/tablets. I don't know much about them as I refused them, but they put you into an induced menopause to manage symptoms. He gave me the option of every 3 months or 6 months depending on what I wanted, which was neither! X

Think I'll read up on them so I'm well prepared ! Thanks 

MeganMae in reply to Don1980

Good luck! X


I was disappointed slightly at my gynea appt. apparent the guy I seen is very good he wasn't overly helpful didn't ask me my symptoms I guess he was reading them off the screen from my gps notes. He said if I have endo it's probably mild and to run my pill back to back. I then said I'm really concerned about my fertility and he said I'll put you on the list for a lap for your peace of mind. So at least I got somewhere. Still waiting for my lap xxx

Don1980 in reply to Hidden


I can't take the combined pill. I'm already on the mini pill which helped a lot but I'm still in daily pain . My thoughts are 'get a lap done and get the mirena coil fitted'. I suppose it depends what the gynae finds during scans etc 

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