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Bowel discomfort

Hello sorry for the person subject the last week I have began to have a problem I have never had issues going to the toilet but it's causing me some discomfort I get stabbing pains and feel the need to rush to the loo but the pain appears within my pelvic area and tops of legs and I feel like I am bout to have a heavy bleed  ( this is normal day to day for me ) and when I go to the loo is is uncomfortable and it's actually upsetting any help please !!! 

Many thanks xx

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It's not nice is it? Mine was worse before my lap to remove the endo but I still struggle and the stabbing isn't good. I find if I wait slightly too long, it hurts more and occasionally taking a laxative helps to make everything flow easier (!). X


I had a lap last August to remove endo :( and now I am struggling again i am also finding that I am so tired and drained and emotional just so stressful it's never ending always on pain and numbness to tops of legs all so annoying thank you for your advice xxx


Hmm, my friend had her first lap last June and was tired and in pain again by Feb this year. She went back to the consultant and has her 2nd lap in a couple of weeks so keep an eye on your symptoms but don't suffer too long before you go back to see if there's still endo there. Make sure it's a specialist centre rather than a general gynae.


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