Metastatic mass resting on the left diaphragmatic cruss


My wife is 44 years old diagnosed as renal cell carcinouma ( Kidney Cancer ) , left kidney is removed one year back. later on a metastatics mass seen on the left diaphragmatic cruss we are having good medication which has control over the disease . we need to do a surgery to remove the mass. i am looking for expert who is well trained  to work on this case. it might need a team of surgeons i can fly any where in UK 

can anybody advise with a contact where i can start from  ? 


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  • Hello, so sorry to hear your news, this is the endometreosis site, not sure if you will get the advice your after, is there not a kidney cancer site, that might be more informative, good luck to you and your wife, 

  • Hi

    I'm so sorry to hear about your wife. You will need a thoracic oncologist. There is a clinic in London and one in Boston, US. There will be others too so that is what you need to search for. I cannot recommend these as I have no personal knowledge but it might give you a place to start from.

  • thank you very much 

    i will get in touch with London bridge and see how things will move

  • anybody can tell , how good is London Bridge ?

    if i need a thoracic surgeon dealing with malignant tumours ... any other hospital recommendations 

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