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Hi, I've posted a few times and have the feeling of hopelessness, I have been getting really bad right shoulder pain but spreads like wild fire all over my shoulders to where I can't stand and also chest pain that is like the shoulder pain, so I had the coil long story short it fell out!!!! We went back to the doctors for a referral after which took a look I will say,, that and they kept trying to say I had to get another coil back in. I have refused point blank I felt like crap and didn't like it! I'm sick of being fobbed off, anyway I asked about the shoulder and chest pain as.  So it comes on the week before I'm due and then the week I'm on and after, I have asked my gynaecologist the first time I saw her about ten weeks ago and she said it's not a gyne problem (really helpful) so I asked this doctor on Monday and she said that shoulder pain and chest pain in not related to endo,, and I losing my mind?? I'm getting really angry now and so down with everything like I'm sure a lot of you ladies are and feel like there's no light in at the end. So anyone else had chest and shoulder pain that IS related to endo x 

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Yes it can be. I had chest and leg pain, along with the abdominal cramps. I was diagnosed in 2010 and had 2 laparoscopy for the Endo. One laparoscopy for Fallopian tube closures. Had my cervix froze because of cancer cells on my cervix. My left ovary became connected to my uterine wall. I also tried the Lupron injection which only helps at the time because it takes away your estrogen to try and help shrink the Endo and you have no period. I had numerous side affects from Lupron, wasn't worth it. Two months after my last injection I got my first period since the first injection. This period was worse than before the Lupron. I don't recommend it. Since the Endo came back even harder for me I made the choice to have a hysterectomy, that was Feb 2015. Since then I've had little to no pain. And I do not regret the decision for the hysterectomy. 


There is a group just for endometriosis that's called MyEndometriosisGroup. There are many of us there that know what you're going thru. 


Hi I know how you feel with being fobbed off. You feel like crap enough without having to fight everyone that's meant to be there to help you. With regards to your should pain, it may be a simple as that at certain times of the month you sleep in an awkward position due to the endo pain and you have a trapped nerve. This happened to me, nothing to do with endo, about 6 years ago kept getting such bad should pain it took my breath away. I woke up on day and could not move my neck my arm it was completely frozen. MY hubby took me to a walk in place and they said it was a trapped nerve that had been caused by something simple like the wrong pillow, posture in bed.  Bought a memory foam pillow and have took advice on posture have been okay since, my hubby also used to get pain too got him a decent pillow too he used to have two crappy ones but now he's no longer in pain.

With regards to treatment for your endo if you don't get  on with the coil don't have it, I would try and get a different Doctor, check out if there is another doctor you can see, you may have to travel abit  further but hey if you get sorted then it's worth it. Your gp should be able to assist you tell them blank you are not happy, there's lots of information about patient choices etc. go armed with the info and good luck. X

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Hi - I replied to you a week ago and explained that shoulder and chest pain (especially on the right) are signs of endo on the diaphragm which would usually accompany well established endo. I gave you links to my posts with advice that you need referral to an endo centre. You need to be seen by a skilled specialist in a centre.


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