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Mirena, endo/adeno swollen uterus

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Mirena inserted 6 weeks ago to try and help with the endo and adeno. The first few weeks were okay but it now seems to have sent me into a bad flare. My uterus feels hugely swollen - I look about 4 months pregnant, plus bloating. 

I'm very frustrated because nothing is helping (eating, not eating, btw i'm already on the endo diet and have been for a long time), lying down for long periods, exercising, not exercising. I'm going nuts and i'm so uncomfortable. And it WON'T go away. I wake up and it's still there! 

It doesn't help that I feel that I've gained weight (only 4 pounds and it doesn't explain the ridiculous  swollen abdomen).

Just looking for any advice or similar experiences with the Mirena causing a flare?

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I would go to your gp and ask them to scan to check that it's still in position also to swab to check there isn't an infection as this is 2 possibilitys. X

Good luck Yazza. X



I suffer with the same really sympathise with you it so un comfortable .

i get pain in my back too . i have just had a scan and was told that with this condition it is common to have a swollen belly, i can feel my uterus at times.  think when a period is due it seems to swell more!

hope you feel better soon


I had something similar, I hated the coil, it made me feel crappy it was in eight weeks then it decided to come out lovely, it been five days and I'm all over the shop, major ass MPs anger ,pain and bone pain, fed up and waiting again for my referral totally sick and really down plus I put on 8 pound in that eight weeks. Really bloated and felt sick all the time with the coil never again!!!!


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