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Not to do with Endo but need opinion

 Hello, I dont really have any female friends to ask about this so any opinions would be great. 

 A few months a go I wasnt sure if the condom broke or if it was from me when I saw white discharge looking stuff go onto the bed so I dismissed it thinking it was probably me. A month or two later everyday I felt sick and sometimes dizzy. I couldn't look at food without feeling even more sick. It would subside in the afternoon. 

 I can't really use boob pain as a tell because I get a lot from ovulation but normally just left boob but this time my right boob was a bit tender and sore. 

 The other day I had sex with my boyfriend and there was a lot of blood but it didn't look like period blood but I still said that I must have just come on. At night I had the most painful stomach cramps, it felt like someone was sticking pins in me and my womb was on fire. It was that bad I was in tears. 

 Could this have been a miscarriage? If so, how do I tell my boyfriend? Or do I tell him at all, even though we don't keep secrets?

Any advice would be great. 

 Charlotte xxx 

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Hey Charlotte, to be honest this sounds like your Endo getting worse. Having sex can exacerbate Endo symptoms when severe disease is present - you can bleed after sex and have excruciating pain such as you describe. 

I would see your gp immediately and ask for a referral to a bsge Endo centre (if you're already diagnosed) to speak to a specialist re. possible laparoscopy to remove the Endo - the good news is this should stop bleeding/pain after sex if it's done properly. Endo can also cause nausea and make you feel dizzy. In future use an app called 'my days' to help you keep track of your cycle - that way you'll know if your period is late etc in future, it's really simple to use.

It's a good idea to talk to your bf about having pain/bleeding after sex, that way it's easier if it happens again or you have pain during and need him to stop, I'm sure he'll be supportive.


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