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Can heavy lifting during period cause fresh bleeding?

I have severe endo and cysts (waiting for surgery). Recently I have experienced 2 occasions where I have had my period, but got to the point where it was nearly finished, just getting spotting with old blood, but then heavy lifting seems to have caused fresh bleeding.

The first time it wasn't even a heavy object, my period had pretty much finished and I lifted a computer monitor off the floor, and 1/2 an hour later, I experienced heavy fresh bleeding. The second time was yesterday when I spent the afternoon lifting heavy stuff around and my period seems to have returned to fresh bleeding again.

Can heavy lifting cause fresh bleeding? I thought once your period had reached the spotting stage it was nearly over and it wasn't possible to have fresh blood again? Am I doing myself some damage by lifting heavy stuff?

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I don't think you're doing damage by heavy lifting as long as you are lifting in the correct way but I do find physical exertion makes me flood if I'm already bleeding a little.

I would keep track of when this happens for sure and mention it at your next appointment.

But for me, if my body is in bleeding mode, sitting really still is about the best I can do, any physical exertion at all will cause huge flooding and this can last for days with me.

Hope it subsides soon for you!


Thank you, it's not too heavy just worrying. I will mention it though.


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