I had my appointment with endo specialist after having my first lap in January this year. The consultant said that my situation is really bad, severe adhesions, obliterated pod, endo on bowels everywhere basically. He said he recommends I have op to try and get everything unstuck inside first. He went through what the risks are in terms of damaging other organs like bowel. I really don't no what to do, shall I take the risk or just do hysterectomy. I do want another child too. It's killing me inside so confused what to do. What shall I do ????

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  • Hi - a hysterectomy won't do anything to help as all this endo will still be there. The only treatment is to remove the endo which is the recommended NHS treatment. Was this consultant an advanced specialist in an endo centre or just in a general gynaecology department? 

  • Hi no the consultant is specialist in endo I'm no longer seeing my regular gynae.

  • I assume they haven't suggested a hysterectomy as an alternative? Are you in the UK?

  • They said that would be last resort but it's up to me. I am in London. 

  • Hi - a hysterectomy is only the last resort AFTER full excision if endo still persists. Just be aware that if a BSGE centre suggests this instead of excision they are not complying with the NHS contract for treatment of severe endo. 

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