Endo line cut from bowel now 2 days after surgery any advice on recovery time and diet?

Had lap Wednesday out same day very sick overnight and couldn't wee properly went back and got checked no infection, in lots of pain , expected but had endo removed from bowel and left ovary  it hadn't gone into bowel . 

but anyone have  experience of vague recovery time or handy hints. bowel gurgling like mad only comfortable lying or standing have drank lots and eaten plenty fruit but very painful and don't laying off the strong pain killers as much as possible as scared of getting constipated. Taking magnesium and eating prunes not to much as don't want to irritate bowel either but weeing hurts so much makes me feel really sick have only had a tiny bowel movement but not eaten much  and have been sick leaving hospital on day of op and before op 2 massive enemas ..... Feel so awful  have no temp and I know it's early days but need to share the self pity a bit 😷

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  • Hi Hun both bowel and bladder really don't like being handled. Plus you probably had a catheter in during surgery which can make you sore. Anesthetic can also cause bladder to kind of go to sleep and it can take a while to re awaken. If it doesn't get better within the next 24 go back again. Make sure you drink plenty and try some soup just so that you've got something inside you.

     When you try having a wee turn the tap on it may help. 

    When I had my lap I ended up going home with a catheter over night. 

    Get plenty of rest Hun but try a walk round the house every now and then as it helps with healing. Take care sweetie.

  • Try and rest and give yourself time, your organs have been moved about abit and takes a while to settle, but if you continue to feel poorly with temperature I would ring docs, try peppermint tea or tablets, and a gentle laxative, and small walks, xx

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