Please don't think I'm crazy but for me this works and I don't know why

I'm not recommending this as a cure and this disease depends on individuals however id like to see if anyone either has tried this or has any idea why it works.

Coffee yes coffee not with milk not with sugar and not often and good quality. I don't drink coffee very often and I know if drunk it it would make my fatigue go away that's obvious however at Christmas I had my first ever black coffee (i don't eat wheat gluten or dairy any more) I have been a coffee drinker for years and within about an hour my pain felt so much reduced I felt comfortable and it was like a huge relief this effect does not work if you have coffee more than once a day!!! I know we shouldn't touch caffine with a barge pole I don't know if the same effect with decaffinated quality and the same effect isn't present within rubbish or cheap quality. I have had the same type of effect with sage tea it again felt amazing from Crete it has to be proper sage tea not twinings or some other teabag version amazing results for ME. 

I honestly don't know the science I know it works for me I've been using it for a while and notice the difference I am NOT a doctor but we all grasp at straws for relief I think I would feel bad not at least telling people so they can try. 

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  • I interesting . I love coffee and have changed from soya milk to almond or hazelnut milk. Always use good coffee anyway and I've been dairy free for years. How do you make sage tea?

  • You can buy sage loose leaf tea on Amazon in Crete it has been you for female issues for centuries X 

  • Apparently sage is anti inflammatory and there's a debate about whether coffee is there may be evidence behind your 'craziness'! Personally whatever offers you abit of a reprieve from pain is always a bonus wether it's a placebo or not.   Thank you for sharing xx

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