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Endo symptoms or pregnancy?

I had a laparoscopy about 2 months ago, and found out that I have mild endometriosis in 3 different parts of my stomach. In a recent visit to the gynaecologist I found out that the tissue has been removed and I no longer have any endometriosis tissue at the moment. I also had a coil fitted, so haven't had any periods. 

All in all I haven't experienced any endo symptoms really but I haven't been feeling 100% recently. I've had a really dry mouth, and excessive thirst, and that continued for about 1-2 weeks, which was horrible as I felt like I didn't produce much saliva. Then after that I had an on off stuffy and blocked nose which didn't feel like a cold but effected my breathing as I also had an on off sore throat. I've also noticed white milky cervical discharge which happens almost everyday, and recently I've been feeling quite full a lot with abdominal and period like cramps which then turns into burping and gas. I have also been urinating frequently at the moment and sometimes is really clear or really yellow. I was wondering if this is just my body reacting in different ways, or if there is a possibility I could be pregnant even though i have the coil fitted. It only crossed my mind as the gynaecologist said I'm 100% fertile and my mum got pregnant on the coil. 

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I think a few people that I know fell pregnant on the coil my mum did and had to have hers removed but to put ur mind at ease I would do a pregnancy test and if u are pregnant they would have to remove it as soon as possible to avoid any injury if u are pregnant xx


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