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Only 34 years..... so confused, tired, and scared

I have the same symptoms of endometriosis. I've been having these symptoms for years now. I've always bleed heavy since I started my period. It's so tiresome to keep trying to find someway to deal with it.  The pain in my butt scares me something fierce.It makes everday life feel like an headache. I thought I was the only person that's having these symptoms. Made me feel like I was going crazy! I'm so glad to had found this website. I have my first doctor appointment about the issues Wednesday. Hopefully I will get some USEFUL feed back. Will keep updated.

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Hi - if you are in the UK can you click on my name and read my posts to learn about the treatment process and on rectovaginal/uterosacral endo to see if you identify with the symptoms.  



Just to say that I too had the same awful symptoms you described, I remember the pain in the 'rear end' being almost too much to cope with. I was diagnosed with severe endo on ovaries/bowel etc and have since had laser surgery on a couple of occasions and am 99.9% pain free now. I'm sure Lindles posts will explain in more detail but just wanted to let you know that however much you are suffering now, there are options available to you which can help dramatically. Good luck!


Thanks so much for the response. I didn't know that they did laser surgery. Im really going to look into it.


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