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Hormone Levels and Tests

Just been reading a blog peacewithendo.com/2015/04/c... and she talks about Estrogen/Progesterone levels and her thoughts about her own condition.

Here's my questions; Why isn't a hormone level test done as standard? Is it possible to request one? Shouldn't this test be done and our levels monitored throughout our lives at certain points, TTC, pre/post-op surgery? Do hormone balances even make that much of a difference?? 

I'm showing my noob-ness here lol :/  

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Hi Hun I had my hormones tested last year when we were sent to the fertility specialist and everything came back normal. Because of that they said unless there was something my surgeon could do to help conceive there was no reason I couldn't fall pregnant. 

 Didn't know how bad things inside were at that point. I've had my hormones tested a few times and they've always been normal.

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