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Hello, hope everyone's ok?! 

I have had symptoms since I was 12 and at 21 (after a very long and gruelling fight), I finally had my lap which showed endo and they 'got rid of it'. This was nearly 4 years ago, and I only had one check up after then that was it. I got told that they can't see endo in most places via the lap, so it was impossible to see if I have it anywhere other then my womb or ovaries? Is this correct? Anyway, symptoms have progressed since, but the pain (which had subdued a bit) had come back now and I have a constant pain in my back and feel like my bladder is never empty, even just after the loo. They said it was a kidney infection but I've had 2 lots of antibiotics and it hasn't gone? Also, I've had 4 early miscarriages which specialists had no answers for, but I'm sure it's down to me, perhaps due to endo? Has anyone else had this experience?

Sorry for the blabber but I've not spoken to anyone about this in years lol :) x

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Hi. Have  you been seen by an endometriosis specialist? Take a look at the following site:


It lists specialist endometriosis centres across the country. They work as a team to bring together different practices such as specialist gynaecologists, endometriosis specialist nurses,

colorectal surgeons, urologists and

pain management specialists.

You will need a referral from your GP but you should be able to see someone from this list to follow up with, particularly since you are experiencing symptoms again.

It does sound as though you have had some misinformation. Laparoscopies can certainly see MORE than just your womb and ovaries so that is incorrect - they can see your entire pelvic cavity and you can have endometriosis growing in ALL sorts of places. It also recurs unfortunately and it may have returned for you.

Try a different GP if you don't have any success with the referral but I would suggest going back to ask in any case.

Good luck and I wish you well... x

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