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Gyne appt end of the month

thia can't come quick enough.

Nearly everyday I have some kind of pain , and then when I bleed it's hell. Tramadol helps with the lower back pain and dulls what I can only describe as a hook pulling around the groin. But I still feel the cramps. 

Had my period 8 days of  pains, and nastiness and heavy/clotting (sorry, tmi) and now I have pain again. And bladder feels like it's got pressure against it. 

I'm worried it's something else, as I get a strange pain from my butt, that feels like cramping, really uncomfortable.  Smear/pap and water samples/bloods all come back fine. I stopped taking cerelle after 17 days as it made me worse so now I'm taking nothing.  Ultra sounds didn't show anything up either. 

So anxious to see what happens at my appt in 10 days time. 

When I'm in pain my thoughts is take all my parts away. Xx

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