first lap tomorrow finally

I still have no idea what to expect recovery wise as have bowel issues adhesions to my sigmoid colon maybe and left ovary ?? Stomach swollen and in pain must of time uncomfortable to urinate or poo, going from constipation to diarrhoea constantly for the last year or so got alot worse, gone from pretty fit with muscle to difficult to walk very skiiny and weak  :(  Keep asking hospital questions but have had rubbish pre op experience I'm an nhs patient at private hospital and they don't have my notes so can't answer anything not even about the special diet consultant told me to go on before op or when to do enemas consultants prescribed for me ?? Consultant has no secretary there either ???  beyond annoying wont find out if lap diagnostic or they going to do anything to remove adhesions until day,  not seen consultant since Jan and have got alot worse since then . Has anyone any experience of same similar adhesions problems,  if the consultant is able and adhesions  are removed from these areas vague recovery time ? Or if its just a diagnostic and they just open me up and look ( if they even do that ) how long is the recovery on that ?? 


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