Endometriosis and anxiety!

Okay so 2yrs ago I was on the depo contraceptive jab! A month after I started it was when the anxiety started shortly leading to getting agoraphobic the pain of my cycles was getting more and more painful so I went to the doctors tests were done then the diagnoses of endometriosis was given to me! My question is ... Is endometriosis related to anxiety or even linked? Or could be due to that jab? X

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  • Hi, I'm not on contraceptive jab but I do have endometriosis and my consultant thinks my anxiety and panic attacks are linked to many years of messed up hormones and my anticipation of the pain that comes most around ovulation to period time. It seems to be very heavily linked. 

  • I agree with you AnnaB1979, I used to get myself in a complete state when my period was approaching and I would be very anxious. 

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