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BSGE referral

Arrgghh! I went to my GP this morning to ask to be referred to my nearest BSGE Endometriosis clinic & he said he couldn't as my current gynecologist should do it if she wanted me to go there. I told him that it says on the clinic website that a GP can fax a referral through but he wouldn't have it. Now what do I do? Why does it have to be so hard to get the correct treatment😞

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Hi, admittedly I didn't experience this difficulty. I just announced to my GP one day (after fighting for years with non-specialised gynaecologists and finding endo recurring on average every 2-3 years because it had been burned away) who I wanted to see, but I think you have a right to be seen by an endometriosis specialist! Clearly your GP is being obstinate! Does he have any understanding of endometriosis?

Are there any other GPs in the practice you could see and ask for the aforementioned referral? Raise it with the senior partner at the practice if he is not one? Raise it with the local NHS trust? Approach the surgeon's secretary directly and explain your plight? Do you have the contact details?


Failing that, you could move to another practice?

I wish you well! Take care... x


Hi - I recently referred you to my post on the treatment pathway. It depends on where you are in the UK. Where are you?


Hi, I'm going to print off your post & take it with me next time. I'm Milton Keynes in Bucks. 


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