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Decapeptyl not working for pain

Good Morning lovely ladies hope you are feeling ok today

I was diagnosed with endo in December where I had some endo burnt off my uterous i also have it on my bowel. Was put on Decapeptyl injections and Tibolone HRT. Although it has shut down my system, I am still in a lot of pain. I have my appointment to see the specialist on Wednesday 27th April. Anyone else experienced the same with htis injection.

Really appreciate your help and support

Love to you all

Janet x

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Hi Janet

Burning endo will have had no effect as it only treats the surface and women often fail to respond to these injections if they have deep endo because a lot of the pain can be caused by nerves being aggravated and from adhesions pulling on pelvic structures. Neither of these are affected by oestrogen and so won't be affected by injections designed to stop oestrogen production. The only treatment is excision by a specialist working in a centre. 


Good Evening Linda hope you are feeling well today

Thank you so much for your reply, this condition is so new to me I don't fully understand all about the condition yet.

You are so knowledgeable, I only wish they would have discovered your problems earlier so you wouldn't have had years of pain.

I am looking forward to my appointment on Wednesday next week. Just feeling poorly all the time now and the injection and HRT are doing nothing.

I struggle with pain relief as I am allergic to codeine and I can't take anti inflammatory tablets either.

My GP prescribed me Nefopan but these make me really constipated which affects my bowel or if I take laxatives these make my bowel pain worse too.

Can't win really just could do with some pain relief though

I have struggled at work today with my pain, had a hot water bottle on all day.

Thanks again sweetie I really appreciate your advice and take on board what you advise me to do. I am very lucky to have you

Have a lovely evening

Lots of love

Janet xx



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