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Sharp stretching pain

So Friday night I went out and had a big night drinking.. Was for my friends 21st! Anyway I woke up Saturday morning with a pain I have had before but after sex... It's like a sharp stretching pulling feeling and is even tender to touch. I was balling my eyes out. Could alcohol triggered something ? I haven't been diagnosed with endo but I have many symptoms. Painful periods, pain with urinating, sex and passing stools, blood clots etc...

The pain is in my pubic hair area so I'm guessing where my bladder or uterus is ? 

I'm seriously worried- the pain asked for 4 hours but now I constantly have a pressure feeling in my right ovary. I'm so over being so up and down I feel depressed. 

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Alcohol, especially too much of it, is never a good idea when you're unwell. Don't try to justify it to yourself 'you're unwell and you deserve a drink', or 'what is there left for me', etc. It is really not worth it.

I've been there myself.

Have you seen gynecologist yet?


I was only drinking because it was one of my best friends birthday. I was more so saying I feel depressed because I don't know what triggers this pain , I constantly feel like crap and I'm just over it. I feel like everyone around me isn't supportive either. 


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