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Pain management clinic?

Hi everyone! So I've been referred to my nearest pain management clinic to help me cope with my endometriosis, but I don't quite know what to expect! I've suffered with the pain for so long I can't imagine it going away or getting any easier. I was wondering if anybody else has been through a clinic like this and could tell me any experiences? 

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Hi Kerry

I looked at your previous posts and I think it is very likely that you will have had deep endo missed in general gynaecology. They are likely to have only looked at your ovaries and tubes but the pain you have suggests deeper endo behind the uterus by the bowel which is often missed. You already know that pain medication doesn't help and this is because the pain is probably due to endo on nerves. You need more specialised endo investigations rather than a pain management clinic. You are well served for endo centres up there - have a look at my post on the treatment pathway and how to find a specialist centre. x


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