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Does more pain mean it's getting worse ??

So for a few months now... I'm in pain everyday popING pills and bed resting... having time off work. I'm on the pill. Stabing pains getting worse, I have a scan nx week and lap the following week. 

I kinda hope this isn't gonna be my life from now on I'm so drained and fed up of pain everyday. 

I have already lost my left side to the horrid thing!!! I hope it's not getting worse again.

Did you guys find... the pain getting worse means bad things...... or is it life for us :-( 

)when speaking to a friend that has it she said u shouldn't have to suffer like this... go back to the hospital and talk to your consultant. 


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It might not be getting worse as such could just be the old adhesions becoming scar tissue which tightens everything up.

I have wear a bupronorphine patch which has none of the groggy side effects and for most of the month ok, get the odd flare up which I then use naproxen to dull it. Again no groggy side effects so I can keep relatively active. Days of working out at the gym are a distant memory and if I am on my feet all day in knackered and sore. But I can get up do my job and live a normalish life.

I was so crap when I took any opiate based pills, the constipation more so gave me even worse pain.

Try and get a referral to the pain management centre in your area. They've been great with my treatments so far. Maybe changing round meds might help.

Katie Xx

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The degree of peritoneal endo - the usual form - does not usually correlate with pain because the early 'red' lesions can be especially painful. However, if it progesses to 'deep' endo this will usually be accompanied by increasing pain and is more prevalent on the left. Have a look at my posts on rectovaginal and uterosacral ligambe endo to see if you identify with deep disease. Also look at the posts on the referral process and how to find a specialist centre.x 

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